A Town in Italy

Watercolor and ink drawing of a town in Italy by Don West, Artist
5”x8”, drawn on Arches 90lb. hot press paper
with a micron .005 pen and watercolor washes.

Another exercise in the Paul Kelley course except I added watercolor. This one was intended to be ink only, but I wanted to throw paint at it to scrub off some rust from my brain, which has not seen the inside of my watercolor box in a number of years.

As you can see, I’m attempting to loosen up which is really a lot of fun. The ink was about thirty minutes and the watercolor another thirty. I sailed the perfectionism and preciousness concerns out the window before starting. It’s okay to do that ya know. In fact, it’s waaay better for de-stressing and makes the entire drawing session more spontaneous. Which makes for more lively drawings and sketches. It truly sets you free if you just say no to perfectionism and preciousness when you draw.

I’ll be posting each of the exercises as I finish them. and I’ll pass along any pertinent tips Paul reveals. 👍

Reference photo for the watercolor and ink drawing, “A Town in Italy”.
Reference photo for the drawing.