ACEO Rural Pasture

ACEO Rural Pasture oil painting, Don West, Artist.
3.5”x2.5” oil sketch on linen, mounted on acid free card.

Every now and then I paint a few of these little collectible oil paintings and sell them at auction on eBay. They’re referred to as ACEO cards which is an acronym for “Artists Cards Editions and Originals”. The only criteria for an ACEO card is that it must be 2.5”x3.5”. One can use any medium to create one and the subject can be anything.

I’ve always loved landscapes so that’s what I paint most often. Sometimes I’ll do a still life if the mood strikes me. They’re fun to do and occasionally I’ll get lucky with several people bidding on one. Most of my auctions will end up at $5 or $10 though a few have gone for $25-$35. I always start them at $.99 and ship them for free because I don’t create them for the money. It’s just a great way to share something I’ve created with a collector who genuinely appreciates it. And there’s no pressure to produce them. It’s just fun and therapeutic. is where most ACEO collectors and artists hang out, so if you’re curious, go there and search on “ACEO”. You might see something you want to bid on to start your own collection.