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Author: Don West

As a very young child I discovered sketching and drawing. Whenever my mother was tired of having me underfoot she would seat me at the large, oak dining table with paper, crayons and pencils and say “Why don’t you take some time and draw something for me?”. What a blessing that was! I don’t think she realized the true gift of discovery she had bestowed upon me. I have seen life through an artist’s viewpoint ever since. You can too! It matters not your age, you already have the skill wired into your human psyche. So many people though, never learn to tap into it or even know it exists. So, through Mini-Workshops, Social Media and this blog, I share that revelation by setting an example and by helping people tap into the wonderful, satisfying and mindful world of observing life through an artist’s eye. I hope you tap in, whether though my help or the many other resources available online and in books. It is a part of yourself you will want to cultivate as you travel through life.

Pastoral Scene II

Another scene from memories. More accurately, imagination I suppose. Anyway, for now, these little oil paintings are occupying my creative urges.


Pastoral Scene

Venturing into a little bit larger format and painting on unmounted linen to see how I like it. This is similar to one of the


Potentilla Shrub

Took a bicycle ride to a favorite coffee shop with my sketchbook and tools. Quickly and loosely sketched out part of this shrub, intending only


Lunch time!

Just a little lunch time fun with a new pen. Try sketching every opportunity you get. It’s pretty easy to do and the more you


Rural Farm Scene

Back to drawing again after creating the Free 7-day Timed Sketching Video course. Be sure to check out the course if you want to quickly