Bar People

5” x 7”, drawn on Arches 90lb, hot press w/c paper
with a Zebra WFSS4 extra fine brush pen

Here’s a little something different, pen and watercolor. A few years ago, I taught a workshop on watercolor journaling. It was all about sketching with a pen and then adding watercolor, all in a sketchbook. I encouraged the participants to at least date their sketches, but to also record something about the sketch that gave reason to it’s creation.

This sketch of a lady sitting at a bar was done in about 8 minutes and I added the watercolor later, which was another 5-10 minutes. As far as getting a likeness, she would probably be recognized by friends, but it’s really stylized because of the short duration of the sketch. In other words, it’s not a portrait, nor was it meant to be. It was an inspired moment in time to do a quick sketch of an interesting (to me) subject. To show up at the page.😉