Bernie’s Left Eye

Pencil drawing of Bernie Sander’s left eye.
7.5” x 7.5”, drawn in a Moleskine Sketchpad with a Blackwing Matte pencil.

“Houston, we have a problem. Over.”
“Roger Blackwing 1, Go ahead. Over.”
”Roger Houston. It seems I have deviated off course. Over.”
”Roger Blackwing 1. What indication do you have that you are off course. Over.”
“Roger Houston. Well, it took me an hour and twenty-minutes to complete this drawing and according to course parameters, I should have taken no more than thirty minutes and it should have been a sketch, not a drawing. I also used a pencil instead of a ballpoint pen. Over.”
“Roger Blackwing 1. Affirmative. You are definitely off course. Central Command was concerned you might revert to your rogue tendencies once the mission was underway. Uh, in this case we don’t see a problem with the course deviation Blackwing 1. You are only halfway through the mission and as long as you return to course parameters within the next two sketches, you should be on target for completion per the designated goals stated in the mission overview. Over.”
“Roger Houston. I will proceed to course exercise twelve after the next activity post and adhere closely to the exercise instructions. That will return the mission to the proper vector for completion. Sorry for slipping up. It’s lonely out here. Over.”
”Roger Blackwing 1. I will make note of this incident in the mission log. Classified as Top Secret, the media will not have access to the mission log or this recording until it becomes eligible under the Freedom of Information Act. By that time we will both be dead. Over.”
“Roger Houston. Thanks for watching out for me. I owe you one. Over.”
“Roger Blackwing 1. Over and out.”

Reference photo of Bernie Sanders left eye.
Reference photo for Bernie Sander’s left eye.