Bernie’s Right Eye

Ballpoint pen sketch of Bernie Sanders right eye.
7.5” x 7.5”, sketched in a Moleskine Art Sketchpad
with a Lamy Safari medium ballpoint pen loaded with a Monteverde brown ink cartridge.
Photo of Bernie’s right eye
Reference photo for Bernie’s Right Eye.

So this fella I do know. He does not know me however. That’s because he is Bernie Sanders, the Presidential wannabe, and I am a lowly and humble, but noble, American artist. I’m certain Bernie would not be flattered with my rendition of his right eye and might actually question my sanity for sketching it were we actual acquaintances. And likewise, I would question his sanity for a few off-the-wall things he has endeavored to do. That’s what friends do, right?

But I digress. France Van Stone (@wagonized), art teacher extraordinaire, provided the photo reference for a sketching exercise in her ”Showing Up At The Page” course. If you follow me, you already know I’m in the midst of working through the course, and happily so. My attempt at sketching the right eye of the Honorable Senator Sanders, from the great state of Vermont, is once again a bit on the heavy handed end of the sketching spectrum. But, I sense some further improvement over the Rick’s Left Eye exercise so I’m satisfied with it.

Onward and upward to the next exercise!