Citroën C2V

Pencil sketch of a Citroën C2V motorcar.
7” x 7”, drawn in a Moleskine Sketchpad
with a Blackwing Pearl pencil.

I took a short hiatus from my usual routine of sketching daily to finally get my bicycle conversion buttoned up and completed. Rather than buy yet another bicycle to upgrade to electric, I decided to just electrify the one I already owned. I purchased the necessary parts but received a faulty display. Reordered and received another faulty display. That was finally resolved on the third try.

The only challenge in the project was mounting the battery. In order to get the bike back on the road, I fabricated one myself. Unhappy with it, I fabricated another, more streamlined version. This after sketching up a couple of brackets of totally different designs. You see my friends, I am a tool-less tinkerer. This causes complications in design because I have to think up designs which require very few tools to fabricate the end result.

So the last three days were focused on coming up with something that worked. Thus, no time or energy for sketching. I’m on the road again though and the bicycle is a joy to ride now. Basically, I can climb any necessary hills, start quickly at stop lights and best of all, I’m not tired after my journey. Seeing as how the bike is my only means of transportation, the addition of pedal assist for a geezer like me is a big plus to get me where I need to be. And now I will be able to explore some outdoor areas for sketching that were previously not practical due to steep hills or distance.

Appropriately, today’s Showing Up At The Page exercise is a car. It was fun to draw, but again I violated the time limit. I just wanted to immerse myself in it so I would get back in the daily sketching groove from missing a few days. And it worked.😉

Reference photo for the sketch.
Reference photo for the Citroën motorcar sketch.