Common Loon with Chick

7-1/2”x6”, drawn in a large LEDA sketchbook with a Kaweco Sport 3.2mm pencil, 6B.

While checking my Instagram feed I saw a video reel of this momma Loon and her chick enjoying a cruise on the lake. I worked from a screen shot and came up with what was supposed to be a sketch but turned into a drawing. Reason being all the markings on the momma. I finally just ignored the markings and covered all of her, except the chest, with good darks. Then removed the markings with an electric eraser. Much faster and way less tedious than trying to draw around all of them.

I also found momma’s head, eye and beak to be challenging with the tilt of her head. Regardless, she and her baby were a joy to draw. I’ve always admired art depicting the teaching and protecting commitment of mothers in the animal kingdom. I suppose it’s the bond that appeals to me and the innocence. Nature never fails to provide subject matter for artistic expression.🙏