Free 7-day Course Ready Now!

I’ve been busy creating seven, free timed sketching videos. The goal being to provide a 7-day course for anyone who would like to improve their sketching and drawing skills dramatically. Working through each video gives your brain training to become better at observing, improves hand eye coordination for capturing line and shape positions more accurately, and speeds up your ability to capture your chosen subject accurately.

Because your brain subconsciously remembers what you’ve learned in each 50 minute session, your improved skills will translate to every artistic endeavor that requires a sketch or drawing. After you have completed all the videos, you should see a huge improvement in your skills. You will have completed 119 sketches in seven days! Improvement from the first video to the last is unavoidable👍.

I provide the course for free! It’s my way of giving back to the artist community and to the fine folk like you who follow Sketch What You See and my Instagram account @sketchforhealth. If you are a sketcher, urban sketcher, nature journalist, watercolor painter, oil painter, portrait artist, pencil artist, ink artist, sculptor, no matter the medium, the videos will raise your observational skill level and polish your ability to capture your subject much faster and with better accuracy. I encourage you to use fully use them! I created them for you! There are direct links to the video page at the top of this post and in the site menu.

Now as for me, I will get back in the sketching groove again and start posting sketches and drawings as usual.😉 These side projects take considerable time so I’ve been a baaaaad sketcher of late. I apologize for that! I really miss it when I’m not putting in the time to sketch or draw. I’m looking forward to it🙂.

When you work through a video, please comment on the page and let me know your thoughts! I love to hear from readers! And feel free to photograph your sketches and email them to me. I would love to see them!