Gambel’s Quail

Pencil sketch of Gambel’s Quail perched on a log. Don West, Artist
7”x10”, drawn in a LEDA medium sketchbook with a Kaweco 3.2mm 5B pencil and an electric eraser for the markings.

I’m enjoying sketching birds in preparation for taking to the field in the Spring to attempt sketching from actually watching them. Practicing gives me a feel for their shapes, habitat and characteristics so I can anticipate a bit of what I’ll encounter.

This one here is from a photo taken by my Landlord a couple of years ago. There are actually Gambel’s Quail living all around me in adjacent fields and empty, overgrown lots. Unfortunately, this last two year period has seen those fields and lots fill up with new housing. Good ol’ Grand Junction Colorado is growing like a weed these days. But, we are still surrounded by BLM land, the Colorado National monument, the Bookcliffs and the Grand Mesa. So the building can only go so far. If it ever goes that far though, this is gonna be like New York City!

But, I digress.

I will be doing another quail sketch, a bust more or less, in watercolor and the same in water soluble graphite tomorrow for practice on optional approaches I can take in the field. Stay tuned!😉