Kevan Johnson-Day

Ballpoint pen sketch of Kevan Johnson-Day
6” x 6”, drawn on newsprint with a Rotring 600 ballpoint pen
loaded with a Monteverde brown refill cartridge

I’m not real happy with this one but I learned something. One can draw too small. And that is exactly what I did here. I also slipped back into a bad case of the dark line blues. I thought about tossing this one and trying again, but I can’t today. I will give it another shot tomorrow though and post it as well.

Funny thing about ballpoint pen inks is that they vary in intensity from brand to brand. I felt like I had to make darker lines using this one. Of course that proved to be a poor observation on my part, as the whole thing would have been much better had I not listened to myself. Perhaps that is yet another benefit of sketching daily. You become aware that listening to yourself, and heeding your judgement without question, is not necessarily wise when drawing or sketching. Lesson learned. Tomorrow, a bit more thought before plowing into making marks.😉

Reference photo of Kevan Johnson-Day for the sketch.
Photo reference for the sketch.