Magpie Sketch

Pencil sketch of a Magpie, Don West, Artist
6”x8-1/4”, sketched with a Kaweco SketchUp 5.6mm 2B graphite pencil in a large LEDA sketchbook.

Remember that book I mentioned a few posts back? Well it finally arrived. “The Laws guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling” by John Muir Laws. It has to be the bible on the subject since I know of no other book as thorough on every aspect of nature journaling and drawing. I either have, or have had in the past, every book about such. Some I donated to the library and some I lent to friends never to see again. But this one? Not gonna let go of it. It is colossal.

This sketch is basically an exercise to get in the mood, or mindset really, to do some form of nature journaling. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, but now that I’m a 64 year old bonafide geezer, the ol’ body doesn’t have the energy it once did. Between lower back nerve damage and surgery/chemo treatment to cure me of colon cancer, it’s gonna take a lot of physical work to get back into traveling some and walking on trails again. Where there’s a will, there’s a way eh?

We’ll see where my journey takes me and I’ll document it here and on Instagram. Fortunately, I live in a wonderful region of the country for observing nature without having to travel very far. One thing I’ve got to do is find a fellow artist who is seriously interested in doing the same thing. It’s a lot safer that way when you venture off the well worn paths.🙂