Portrait of Woman

Pencil portrait drawing by Don West, “Portrait of a Woman”
7.5”x7.5”, drawn in a Moleskine Art Cahier Sketch Album with a Faber-Castell Pitt Graphite Matt 14B pencil.

I’ve been sketching and studying several portrait artist videos on YouTube lately and also collecting random images of models for practice. This is one of those images I found and liking the pose, decided to draw her. I don’t know her name or even where I found it. I tend to do a Google image search for female portrait poses and just scroll through them until I find one that inspires me. Then I make a screen shot and crop it down later for use as a reference.

I’m generally satisfied with this one but it isn’t quite a likeness. As getting a likeness is what I’m focused on, and this one is a step closer than I’ve been before, I’m encouraged. Also, I’ve picked up a few pointers and techniques in all this studying that I’ll incorporate in future attempts to see if they work for me. If they turn out too be useful I’ll pass them along.😉

Reference photo for Portrait of a Woman.
Reference photo for Portrait of a woman.