Random Yard Leaf

Fountain pen sketch of a random yard leaf, Don West, Artist
7”x10”, drawn in a medium LEDA Sketchbook with ink in a Pilot fountain pen plus clear water washes.

Finally got a delivery of some inks I had ordered so I decided to try one out. Colorverse “coffee break” ink isn’t waterproof but that’s okay. The intent was to use water over it to achieve an ink wash yet retain some of the line work where desired. Similar to water soluble graphite or watercolor pencil sketching, except you can get much finer lines with the right pen.

I picked up a random leaf while walking P-dog and commenced sketching upon returning. I really like the color of the ink and it’s pretty strong in line but washes out to a light tobacco/coffee color to really pale, yellow/brown. Later I’ll test it after 24 hours to see if it can be used under watercolor washes at all. If not, then I’ll simply watercolor first and ink after if I want to use it with watercolor.

Regarding the LEDA sketchbook I used, it’s great! The paper buckles a bit when adding water but it takes water well. Sketchbook papers are thin by design so the buckling is expected. But the paper still needs to be tough enough to withstand some repeated wet washes with no surface damage. This paper does that surprisingly well. Particularly when compared to a Moleskine Sketchbook which is really finicky with wash attempts. The LEDA costs less, you get more pages and the soft cover is very sturdy and attractive to boot. Highly recommended if you want the options of pencil, colored pencil, ink, ballpoint, gouache, fine liner, fountain pen and watercolor all in the same sketchbook. Even pastel and charcoal would work I believe. Just accept the buckling with water and enjoy the process in your sketchbook. It fills it with character and originality.😉