Rural Farm Scene

11”x14” rural farm scene drawn in pencil on paper. Don West,Artist.
11”x14”, drawn on Moleskine A3 Sketchpad with a Kaweco Sketchup clutch pencil, 5.6mm, 2B graphite.

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This scene is from an oil painting found online and interpreted in pencil. I really enjoy scenes like this which eliminate detail and allow the viewer to subconsciously fill in the blanks. One can be loose and abstract with the pencil and not have to worry with precision except where hard edges are a concern. Makes for a really immersive sketching session😉.

I also like the 11”x14” format. I use the Moleskine A3 sketch pad and mask the paper down to the desired size. A little tip: The paper is sensitive to top layer peeling when removing tape. So use a “delicate surface” masking tape like Frogtape Yellow. You still have to be careful and pull the tape away from the image at an extremely low angle.