Spanish Street Scene

Watercolor sketch—“Spanish Street Scene“
4-3/4”x6-1/2”, watercolor and pencil in a LEDA sketchbook.

It’s no secret that my favorite watercolor artist is John Singer Sargent for several reasons. The best way to learn how to paint watercolors in Sargent’s style is to copy his watercolor paintings using the same techniques he employed.

Note that the word “copy” is used loosely here, not literally a line-for-line, shape-for-shape copy. We aren’t attempting to fool anyone. We are searching for and utilizing Sargent’s techniques and “tricks” as well as paying attention to his compositions. We do this so we can create our own paintings, in our own style, that hint at Sargent’s unique, colorful, and masterful style. Incorporating the spices and flavorings of your favorite artists’ styles into your own work is what develops your own unique painting voice.