Steep Mountain Stream

Pencil drawing of a steep mountain stream, Don West, Artist.
9”x9”, drawn on Fabriano Studio Hot Press watercolor paper with a 0.5mm Kuru Toga mechanical pencil.

I have some sort of fascination with natural water flows. They are a bit like me so I reckon subconsciously I relate to them.

They start somewhere, far away usually, and go a long distance until they finish their journey. Their path is controlled by outside forces for the most part; the contour of the land, geography, weather, human interaction etc.. It fights back mightily as it grows though. At some point becoming large enough (old enough?) to cut its own way with persistence and perseverance; never giving up. It gets walloped now and again by pollutants, drought, floods and hoards of ignorant people when it passes through populated areas. And of course human progress and expectation take a large tole on its energy as it journeys through the years. Regardless, it touches other organisms in ways it will never know.

Yes, I would say I have a lot in common with a natural stream. I think we all do. I just happened to have thought about it one day sitting in the woods by a wilderness river in the Georgia mountains a long time ago.🙂