The Purpose

It’s Not What You Think

The purpose of my work here is simple but uncommon. You’ll need to read on to see why, but I think it will be a refreshing idea for you in its substance. It’s all about you, not me.

Over the last 60 years, I have participated in the same society as you have; several billion humans trying to survive this life with a modicum of satisfaction, fulfillment, decent health and contentment. Most of us, some excessively so, struggle at times in achieving that. The conclusion? Life is not easy and nobody’s “got it made”. Gates, Buffett, not even Musk, has got it made. Every one of us struggles in some way, and in the context of any individual’s life journey, the pain, sorrow, disappointment and fear that visits us is the same for all. By that, I mean what causes those visitations upon us is most assuredly different for each person; but the effect is the same. We can’t control that. But we can control how we cope and that’s a lucky break!

Observational Creativity as a Coping Mechanism

I’m here doing this because I want to convince you, teach you and impart to you by example, how a simple, inexpensive habit I call Observational Creativity can become your favorite coping mechanism. And I’m doing it for free! Because anyone can benefit from it.

Specifically, creativity through sketching and drawing with pencil and watercolor, indoors or outdoors, is what observational creativity is all about. Additionally, taking it a step further to journaling over time, adds a cathartic element that helps one accept life without angst and bitterness. In short, journaling your observations creatively allows one to work through and forgive life for what it has dished out, and move on by making a daily habit of observational creativity. It will settle your mind, heart and nerves after only a short while putting it into practice. The best part is, it’s 100% fun and fulfilling. I know. I’ve done it for many years.

Yes, You Can Draw and Sketch. Let me prove it!

It is my greatest desire to help you realize this and incorporate it into your life journey. I am not selling you anything here. I do this for free. I’m not an affiliate of Amazon or any other company. I will tell you of products and supplies I’ve found useful in this creative endeavor, providing a link to where I purchased them. But I’ll receive no compensation for doing so; just the satisfaction of passing along useful information—for free. I do have an account set up so you can buy me a coffee if you find value here. But that comes from your kindness, not because it’s expected or required. 👍🙏

It is my greatest desire to help you realize this and incorporate it into your life journey.

-Don West

What You Will Find Here

Interesting Fun! A mix of inspirational sketches and drawings, tips, subject ideas, links and instructional posts geared toward getting you to the mental place where you actually realize you can do this! And quite well I might add, because humans are born with the necessary brain power to sketch, draw and observe like an artist. It’s just not properly cultivated by our educational system and society. Thus, a lot of folk never reap the mental, psychological and physical benefits of it.

Most often I’ll post my own work and words to inspire you. But I’ll also write illustrated, easily digestible and useful instructions, suggestions and ideas to assist you with your own journey. That will include reviews of useful supplies like paper, pencils, watercolor paints and such. Plus, how to assemble the few supplies you’ll need for a field excursion to do some Urban Sketching, Nature Sketching, bird watching and journaling, fishing and hunting excursions (great opportunities for sketching and journaling outdoors), capturing the landscape and of course making it all happen right in your own home if you can’t go out.

How to easily learn Observational Creativity—for free!

The best way to get all of this is to subscribe to the posts—they’re all free! In fact, everything I do is available to you for free. Whenever there’s a new post, you’ll receive it, in its entirety, in your email inbox. And if you ever grow weary of hearing from me, there’s an easy unsubscribe link at the end of every email. Plus, I’m always available to help you via email. Just reply to any of the emails with your question(s). I will always reply! I love to talk shop and help folk out.

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How You Can Help Me

I’m 64 years young, retired from my career as a Design Engineer and happily live on my modest, fixed income, Social Security fund I contributed to for 40 career years. This was by design by the way, not because I’m a loser.😉 I realized 15 years ago, one doesn’t need very much to be happy in life and thrive. So I greatly simplified my entire life. I’ve never been happier and that’s including a battle with stage IIIB colon cancer in 2020. Thankfully, by the grace of God, I was cured. Now I finally have the opportunity to give back to society through the content on this website and one-on-one assistance for interested people like you.

All of it is free. Even one-on-one sessions and emails to help you improve your drawing, sketching, watercolor, journaling and observational skills. And hey, if you like a drawing or painting you see here and you want a copy to have printed or framed, I’ll provide a free high-resolution digital file so you can do that; plus a resource or two for getting it printed and mounted.

Why is it all Free?

Rather than try to market and sell what I know, unaware if it helps anyone or not, I would rather you have the opportunity to support my efforts via “buying me a cup of coffee”. It’s not expected. Only if you feel you are getting something of value here should you donate. How much doesn’t matter either. One cup of coffee or ten, one a month, whatever. That is entirely up to you.

Your coffees will help me keep this resource online and fast. I built it myself and host it on a top-tier VPN web server that I manage. It will be reliable and fast any time you want to visit. Your coffees also keep me awake and help with art supply purchases for unbiased reviews we can use in improving our craft together.

My friend, if you decide you want to help out, that will be my lamplight to know I’m doing something right and helping folk learn a new skill set and way of thinking to improve their daily lives. And that is what is important to me. I do this for that reason only. Coffees or no coffees.👍

If you want to help, it’s easy. You should know ahead of time that I am truly grateful and appreciative of your support. There are so many good people in this world and we can go along way toward making life better for one another just by smiling, learning, teaching, sharing and making a habit of observational creativity every day. Thank you so much for your generous consideration! You are very much appreciated!

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