Urban Clock

6”x7.5”, drawn in a Fabriano EcoQua notebook
with a Micron .005 pen and watercolor.

I signed up for a course by Paul Kelley whose work I admire. It’s a brand new course called ”Sketching Foundations” and Paul’s first attempt at creating a video course. I have to say he did an excellent job with it. It’s a concise package of modules with demo videos showing how he goes about creating brief sketches of architectural oriented subjects. He creates beautiful sketches and the techniques can be applied to any subject matter.

About seven years ago, ink and watercolor sketches were pretty much all I did up to that point. Since then I’ve studied oil painting, ink drawing and pencil drawing extensively. I like ’em all but I always hear this little voice in my head saying kinda spooky like, ”iiiiink and watercolorrrrrrr, iiiiink and watercolorrrrrr…” so I think I’ll satisfy the voice and do some ink and watercolor.😉 I don’t wanna make the little guy angry and have him start gnawing on my brain!

This one is my version of the demo Paul does in the last module. I have to say it is really fun to sketch using this very loose technique. Check out his course at Sketch Inspired. If you like the style you won’t be disappointed in the course.

Photo reference from Paul Kelley’s Sketching Foundations course.