What A Croc!

8” x 8”, Drawn in a Moleskine Art SketchPad with a Lami Safari ballpoint pen.
Brown ink refill by Monteverde.

The title speaks volumes on this one. The shoe shadow makes me chuckle. Looks like the oil leak under my parent’s Buick Wildcat back in 1964. What can I say? I rushed it, I’m tired…and oh yes, the sun was in my eyes (tried and true golfer’s excuse).

Funny thing though. I was still relaxed and in that zone where everything around me and all my immediate concerns just drifted away in disgust because they failed at distracting me. Even my little Weiner Dog, Paisley, got disgusted because she couldn’t get my attention with her grunting, whimpering and quarter-barks. I noticed her out of the corner of my eye. As I was scratching away with the pen, she just turned and walked away. Gave up and went to eat some food I reckon.

And that is the beauty of taking twenty minutes or so and sitting down to sketch. Sure, sometimes the result is a Croc! Typically I would have thrown it in the trash and tried the shoe again tomorrow with a mindset on improvement. And I will do that. But this was such a good example of a bad sketch. And I still got away with enjoying the process! So I posted it to make plain that it’s all about relaxing, enjoying the process and getting in the zone for a while. There’s a real, mental benefit to that even if you are totally dissatisfied with what you put on the paper.

To top it all off, my ol’ brain still learned something. What not to do when sketching.😉