Woman in Blue

10-minute watercolor and pencil sketch, “Woman in Blue”, Don West, Artist

Continuing with the focus of the last post, another 10-minute watercolor from an example in the book ”10-Minute Watercolors” by Hazel Soan. I can see how this particular philosophy of creating fast little watercolor sketches can become habit forming. They are a load of fun and the looser the better. What’s more, one’s skills will build quickly.

Imagine going to a natural history museum and sketching the animals on display, or even just details of them, as quickly as you can, winding up with a dozen little sketches when you’re done. That would take you 120 minutes plus noodling around time in the museum. A half-day or day well spent doing something pleasurable and educational! By the way, you may not have realized it, but Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Bass Pro Shops stores all have extensive displays of wild animal taxidermy. All of it professionally done and a fabulous way to sketch animals.

I know, I know…”b-but there’s people in those stores and they’ll think I’m nutso if I go in there and sketch.” Life is very short my dear friends. Passing up great opportunities to learn and enjoy the little things in life, just because you’re a wee bit too self-conscious, is seriously cheating yourself! Truth is, people don’t care a flitter what you’re wearing, driving or even look like beyond the moment they notice you. And that’s if indeed they even notice you! Just go in there, stand or take a little folding stool, and sketch the animals. Working on 10-minute sketches will only expose you to all those mean art critic shoppers for short periods if time. In between sketches, you can stand away and overcome the berating and obscene gestures thrown your way for having the audacity to sketch in a retail store. 😉