Pencil sketch of a Woodchuck bust, Don West, Artist
7-1/2”x9-3/8”, drawn on Arches 90lb hot press watercolor paper with a 5.6mm Kaweco SketchUp pencil, 2B and a Tombow MONO zero eraser.

I’m anxiously awaiting delivery of a book, “The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling” by John Muir Laws. Man, that’s a mouthful! It appears to be the Bible of sketching and observing Nature from reading various review sources. I know quite a bit about Nature and sketching already, but one can always learn from these kinds of focused resources. I decided on the print copy rather than the usual Kindle version. Price was one reason, I bought it used, the other being it’s chocked full of illustrations and suggestions/how-to’s for future study. The Kindle app is great, but a book like this is really better in print.

You’ve probably guessed then, that I must really like Nature and the outdoors and you would be correct. The game plan, one of too many to count, is to pack up my kit, get on my electrified bike, find stuff to sketch in Nature, and like the great hunter, bring home some enjoyment! There’s about a zillion things to find and sketch, as you can guess, and I won’t have to go far to start finding some. We’ve already had our first snow here in the Grand Valley region of Colorado so this will limit me a bit until Spring. But, since snows here in the high desert of Grand Junction are usually short lived, I should be able to get out and about on the decent days.

So my friends, this little critter here is to satisfy my want to get that book in my hands. Future posts on Nature subjects will be the result of having done so. Keep learning! Keep sketching! Both are really good for you!